What is a “group soul”

roots_around_rock_heartGroup Soul is what results when a group of like-minded souls, or meditators, or pilgrims focus on prayer, awareness, or some other kind of inner work together. It is the highest common consciousness of the group. Group Soul manifests in deep states of focus, loving kindness and intention. It is a place where our heart can hold “both” and “but” at the same time. Individual differences between people cease to exist.
– Milne Institute (Visionary Craniosacral Work™)

Donation-based Craniosacral clinic in Berkeley (7/26)

Update: The clinic is full! However, if you’d like to put your name on the waiting list, or hear about future clinics, please get in touch: group.soul.clinic@gmail.com

Multi-hands Craniosacral Therapy
Give yourself the gift of receiving a Craniosacral session supported by two practitioners. Two therapists working together provide greater support and enhanced focus. People consistently report that one multi-hands session has the value of several one-on-one sessions.

In the spirit of Group Soul, clinic sessions are held in a communal setting where 3-4 clients will be receiving sessions concurrently. It’s our experience that the shared therapeutic space enhances the experience for everyone.

Saturday July 26th 2014
Appointments at:
1:30pm, 2:45pm and 4:00pm

Rainbow Heart Studio
1450 Cornell Ave, Berkeley

What we’d like you to offer is your full and open-hearted presence. If you feel called to offer a donation as well, donations are gratefully accepted.

What to expect

  • Each session will be supported by at least two practitioners.
  • Sessions are held in a communal setting where 3-4 clients will be receiving sessions concurrently.
  • Sessions are clothed, so we encourage clients to come dressed in loose, comfortable clothes.
  • Sessions are donation-based.
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